Nadella at the Future Decoded 2017 in Mumbai

Microsoft Chief  Executive Officer Satya Nadella has unravelled his company's new initiatives in India with a focus on cloud computing for enterprises and organisations.  Ahead of this move, Microsaoft announced a new Skype Lite app for the Indian market on Wednesday. Skype light will be available only on Android for now. 

Nadella also launched  "Project Sangam" to help the Indian Government train and assist people get jobs via LinkedIn, the professional networking website Microsoft acquired last year. "Project Sangam" will be implemented in Andhra Pradesh initally."The company will allow people to enroll through Aadhaar cards and later utilise LinkedIn to manage their profiles," Nadella said during Microsoft's prestigious "Future Decoded" event in New Delhi on Wednesday.
As part of Mircrosoft's investment proposals, Nadella earlier met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad with the assurance of his company's involvement in the health care and education sectors in India. Nadella also participated in a roundtable at NITI Aayog to promote cloud computing for good governance in the country. 
Currently, Microsoft has three data centres in India.  Some of Microsoft's initiatives include Project 99Dots which has helped transform doctore-patients interaction, focused on TB treatment.
Nadella also spoke about Smart villages in Maharashtra and his proposal to scale up the project to  more villages. It has already helped with a village called Harisal in Maharashtra, where connectivity changed education and health in the village.
He said Andhra Pradesh will be adopting Microsoft cloud to provide services to citizens, making it the first cloud state. Microsoft is also part of the State Bank of India's move top cloud by adopting Office 365 suite.  Nadella on how finance sector is also undergoing digital transformation. State Bank of India is also moving to the cloud, will be adopting Office 365.
In India, Tata Motors will be joining Microsoft on the Cloud.  “They will build the ability to collect data, rendezvous with the Cloud, reshape the maintenance, warranty and more importantly the experience of the driver,”  Nadella said.
The Microsoft CEO also highlighted how SMEs were relying on digital tools to transform their businesses. “One of the fundamental changes that cloud has brought about is around productivity, collaboration tools, which are now available to all the SMEs. You can truly use what the largest of enterprises in the world are using, anywhere in the world.” 
“I had a chance to meet an entrepreneur who is reshaping healthcare. This entrepreneur is using data to reshape diagnostic capabilities. The fact that diabetes can be monitored in a more effective manner can reshape healthcare.” 
Nadella said Flipkart, the giant e-commerce portal will use Microsoft Azure, an open cloud computing enterprise grade platform. “The cloud infrastructure we’ve bought to India has helped in digital transformation in India,” says Nadella. Technology is shaping every business, shaping government sector and the lives of daily people, 

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