Mercedes Benz EQC bookings open for second batch

German luxury car maker Mercedes has launched the first luxury electric SUV on Indian roads. Delivered. The first batch of this vehicle, called the EQC Electric, was released like hot cakes. It is reported that the manufacturers are now preparing to launch the second batch.

The vehicle will be manufactured entirely in India. The second batch of EQC is reported to be off the coast of India by October. The official booking of this vehicle has just started by Mercedes. The first batch arrived in October 2020. The first 50 units sold out in just three months. At first arrival sales were in six cities. But for the second time, it is expected to expand to 50 cities.

The Mercedes EQC is only available in one variant in India. Named the EQC 4 Matic, the car is priced at Rs 1.07 crore ex-showroom India. The vehicle will be based on Mercedes' mid-size SUV GLC platform. At the same time, the electric vehicle is designed with no resemblance to Mercedes regular vehicles.

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