Marriage registration by video conference-High Court

Kerala High court paved ways for the registration of a marriage and issue a marriage certificate through video conferencing. .

The petition filed by Mr.Pradeep, a native of Kollam and wife Beryly, both residing in the US in the High Court. The High court passed the order to appear  before the registrar through video conference. The issue is Pradeep and Beryly who got married at St.Casimir's Church, Kadavoor, Kollam on 23rd January 2000. Pradeep took a job, went to US in 2008. While applying for a permanent resident status in US, authorities  insisted to produce the marriage certificate.However,on applying for a certificate, the Registrar advised them to physically be present before him to issue the marriage certificate.

High Court  intervened and took a stand, directed the registrar to issue marriage certificate to Pradeep and Beryly through a video conference.


Mar 162019
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Oct 222019
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