Marriage certificate at wedding hall -Thiruvananthapurm corporation to launch

Thiruvananthapuram Corporation is to launch a new scheme to issue the marriage certificate on the day of marriage at the wedding hall soon after the marriage ceremony is over.The concerned family members have to provide all the necessary information with the marriage invitation to the corporation officials well in advance.

The corporation would depute a Health inspector or a junior inspector to the wedding hall on the day of marriage, obtain digital signatures of the bride and groom, issue the marriage certificate.

Soon, the wedding halls are going to be connected with the corporation office through the internet to make the system efficient and issue marriage certificates on the day of marriage.

Hither too, the bride and the groom along with two witnesses had to go to the corporation office in person to apply for a marriage certificate.

Computerization and digitalization are now getting inroads into government offices, making dealings with by people ease. 


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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