Maharashtra Government's Mid Day Lunch Plan a great success...

Maharashtra government's "Shiv Bhojan" Thali scheme is a huge success, providing a luncheon meal for Rupees 10. The government has launched a campaign to provide more than 2,00,000 mid-day meals to 139 centres in 17 days starting on January 26, an official spokesman said on Wednesday. 

So far 2,33,738 people have benefited from the Shiv Bhojan Thali scheme. About 13, 750 people are served mid-day meals through the program. Initially, lunch was served to 11,300 people. After a week the supply has been increasing. 

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray is overseeing the project to ensure food quality and sanitation in food distribution centres. Steps have also been taken to ensure that the project will benefit those in need. In the early days of the project, CM had been conducting video conferencing with customers. 

Eating outlets have started in areas where the most economically disadvantaged people are growing, such as district hospitals, railway stations, bus stands, government offices and trade centres. Shiv Bhojan Thali consists of rice, chapatti, spices, vegetable dishes and stew. 

The government has also initiated steps to make government officials' workdays five days a week. Currently, they have given the second and fourth Saturday in addition to Sunday. 



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