Reading city-Bengluru tops in India

Electronic city-Bengaluru is also Number 1 Reading City in India, followed by Mumbi and Delhi as 2 and 3 respectively. According to Amazon India's annual reading trends report for 2017. Books related to examinations are the most popular, followed by books of Indian authors found"sought-after" with a warm reception. Fiction, personal development, self-help, and romance took the sequent positions respectively.

World Heart Day - to day

World heart day

The World Heart Day- to day  a day of observance makes the Indian Navy and Lt.Pawar, Naval Officer,Kochi  and his parents proud on this day.Lt.Pawar who was seriously injured in a road accident on 24th September was declared brain-dead on 27th . Even while in grief, his parents came forward to donate Lt.Pawar's heart, which gave a new life to Mr.Subramanian Bhat,50 years old of Thrippunittara near Kochi, who was a heart patient critically ill.

Birkin Bag : Record Sale $3,80,000

HONG KONG (AP) — Christie's says a luxury handbag has shattered the world auction record in Hong Kong.

The auction house didn't identify the buyer of the matte white crocodile skin Hermes Birkin bag with 18 karat gold and diamond hardware at Wednesday's sale.

It fetched 2.94 million Hong Kong dollars ($380,000), which Christie's says is a record for any handbag sold at auction.

The price surpasses the record set a year ago when Christie's auctioned a similar Birkin bag for $300,000.

Want a happy marriage? learn to forgive

The institution of marriage is not getting too popular now a days,with votaries against it increasing in numbers. As long as there is mutual respect and love, things eventually do fall in place, even when they plumb to the deepest depths.The good, the bad, the ugly all co-exist peacefully. And they exist peacefully because both the partners make the effort. Somewhere in their hearts, they want to be a part of each other’s lives and they are willing to make it work together.

Saying “No” when it matters

Saying No is often considered as an act of selfishness. One should always remember about the benefits of saying no to a relationship.Often when people say ‘Yes’ due to external pressures, they might regret later and feel discontented with the decision which was taken for them by others.It is not necessary that these decisions turn out bad but if you say no, you are at least comfortable since it was your call to make. A no would remind them to think twice in the future.Here are some reasons to say no in a relationship.

Golden rules of friendship

     Amongst all relationships friendship is perhaps the most amazing relationship. If you want to have good friends in life then you need to be equally good. Although there are no specific rules for friendship but there are few things which everyone needs to imbibe. We have mentioned the common rules of friendship. Check out these golden rules of friendship that everyone should follow.

Importance of physical intimacy in a relationship

Physical intimacy may not always mean having intercourse.But it means being swept over by your partner's love and warmth, by a single touch, a hug or a kiss. Here are some of the true reasons why physical intimacy is important in a relationship.

Sense Of Belonging.
It gives you a sort of assurance that you belong with him or her after you get intimate in a relationship.

Power Of A Kiss.
The power of a kiss is certainly magical! There are no words to describe how a lover's kiss can change your life.

Say no at the right time in a relationship

It is not always easy to say no. The thought of saying it out loud is comparable to the thought of saying the worst curse word in the world in front of a congregation at church. It just doesn't feel right, ever.As dreaded as this word can be, in certain situations, it is absolutely crucial to not only say it, but stick to your guns when you do so. An extremely crucial time to say it is when it comes to matters of the heart.

Qualities of a real man who wont cheat his woman

    It is not easy to be a gentleman. The most important element in a relationship is the element of trust.To be a man of quality you need to be real. Here are some reasons why a man is real,especially towards his woman.

1.They’d Never Take Advantage Of You: 

   This is directly linked to the first point. Real men would go to any lengths to show their respect and would never once take advantage of you.

Dating mistakes you would do well to avoid

      If you are dating somebody seriously it will be good if you avoid some of these dating and relationship habits.Be aware that it is no child's play and that it takes efforts from you to make a relation successful.These tips could be adhered to.

Waiting for guys to make the first move.

   If you want to meet guys, you have to put yourself out there. Something as simple as a smile or flirty eye contact will do.

Living in the past. 

Tips to make your marriage happier

     Marriage is perhaps the biggest decision you take in your life. Life of both guy and girl change a lot once they get married. There is no marriage where there is no fight but couple should know how to normalise their relationship.Efforts have to be taken to problems that can emerge post marriage.These tips could go a long way in helping you to have a fulfilling married life.

Respect the differences:-

Things that men find irresistible in women

   It has no perfect path to get your dream man.A woman can win her dream man and the best way to get a guy is to let a guy get you. There's an energetic difference that's very important because only boys want you to get them; men want to win you over and they want to get you.
In order for attraction to happen, the first thing you need is simple: be available. There has to be an opening that a man can see in order to enter your world.Here are 3 things you need to know about how to get a guy to like you.

These tips may help you to be close to your mother in law

Differences of opinion with mother in laws are one of the major reasons for conflict in many families.Some can be rude and always complaining about you to your husband. Whether you have a great relationship with your mother-in-law or you have struggles, maintaining a good communication with your mother-in-law will help ease tension in your marriage.Practicing these could help you to have a good equation with her.

Don't look for spontaneity to have a better sex life

     Sex life requires a lot of nurturing to be successful.Thinking that sex will happen spontaneously may not work always.Putting in more thought and effort is the way to move ahead.Although going by instinct and opting for the have to have you now kind of sex might be great in the initial period of a relationship, being spontaneous is not necessarily the best way to go forward since a hectic schedule and constant effort to maintain a work life balance with several priorities can put plans regarding sex on the back burner.

Spend more time with your mother, she will live longer

 You really should call or keep in touch with your parents. After all, they gave you the best years of their lives.There’s also another perfectly good reason that your mom is always insisting on seeing you and talking to you on the phone.
It might come as a surprise, but your mom might actually be lonely. She’s had children in her house for decades, and suddenly, you’re not around anymore. Maybe your parents are divorced or one has passed, but if they live alone, it’s not out of the question that they might be lonely.

Lonely in marriage? these tips could be helpful

Marriage doesnt always guarantee togetherness or happiness. Partners can feel lonely when locked in a loveless marriage. But a bit of initiative could be helpful in getting over this. 

1.Do not blame yourself: 
In order to know how to cope with loneliness in a marriage, you need to stop blaming yourself. It is also a good idea to refrain from blaming your partner. Instead, work on constructive ideas to solve the issue.

Better do these things before you are into your 30s

Twenties constitute the most dynamic phase in your life.A world of possibilities lie ahead and you can determine where you end up in life. Your 20s are all about having adventures, learning from your mistakes, and figuring out your path. Before you turn 30, take a look at this bucket list and make sure to check off all these items on your list! 

Take a class that will improve one of your skills.

Stay up all night in a big city.

Volunteer for a good cause.

Learn what kind of exercise you enjoy.

Travel with your best friend.

Get your fortune read.

Signs which show that a relationship is going to be short lived.

       Relationships have different dimensions and it is not easy to predict the longevity.Many factors contribute to the strength or the lack of it in a relationship.All relationships require effort and hard work, and without these things you may notice that you feel unhappy and under-appreciated.
Check out 5 signs that your relationship may not last.

1. Your needs are not being met by your partner

Ways to prevent your career from affecting your marriage. 

It’s not uncommon that workaholics can end up ruining their marital life.The people lose their marriage in this way justify how much they work by saying that they’re doing it for their partner.
 When we come home, we can’t quite stop thinking of work. And the frustration affects those that have nothing to do with it. 

Suffering from a break up? these tips could help. 

It is not an easy task at all to get out of the trough created by a broken relationship.It takes conscious effort not to end up with a mangled heart.The memories will always rush back like a tidal wave, while you try to be the adult you are expected to be, getting out of a breakup can take a toll. If you are unable to get over a break up easily, you can distract yourself so that the good and bad doesn't keep playing in your head.Here are some tips which could be helpful.

Ways to make friendship with strangers. 

It is not always easy for everyone to strike a rapport with strangers. Taking initiative in turning strangers to friends is quite challenging. In fact, it is not very easy for everyone to build bonds of friendship with new people because of their hesitation, ego or sometimes insecurities. But one can make new friends with little efforts and wisdom.Have a look on how you can strike up Friendship with strangers.

Take your time to get married.

A wedding has to be the most crucial decision in an adult's life.But you have to take your time before taking the plunge. If you want to avoid a heartbreaking story, you need to think about your relationship and your future.Here are some reasons why you should wait for marriage.

1. If you love the single life think again.
Marriage comes with mutuality. You have to share salaries, divide the bills and above all compromise on your shopping allowances. So if you are not ready for this kind of a life, this is a reason why you should wait for marriage.


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