Life Partners Please listen... this 3 tiny lies will strengthen your relation. Promise!!!

Trust itself is the base of every relation. trusting each other makes a relation long live without breaking and stronger. Being honest is very necessary to keep trust each other. But we often face some situations which depend lies to strengthen the relation.

Those lies are not for any badness for anyone, but it is to hold a relation without breaking in such a circumstance.  We all would have face such situations and lied. but it should be careful to reduce the count of lies and not to keep lie as a habit.

let's have a look at those good lies which life partners usually says.

1 It is common to have quarrels between husband and wife. Each others opinion would be right in their own views.

but, when it feels like the problem is going to more complicated we will give up it for life partner. haven't you cleverly tackled problems by saying: Yeah.. you are right....

2. sometimes You may not feel  comfort with your partners dressing style. but many of us often hesitate to tell them it frankly. We will not  tell the truth to the beloved because we will think that if we say " i don't like it" it may hurt them. in such situations while your partner asked how is my dressing? you might replied that "yeah.. it looks nice" right???

3. You may not likes all type of food that your partner prepares for you. but when she asks about the standard of her cooking you might definitely replied that " yes... it is too delicious... who else con cook like this" you will give her a support by your words.

In situations like the relation may broken, if this harmless and innocent lies can strengthen your relation, we have to consider it as "good lies".

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