Ladies!! do you have dreams about getting diseases? you know what does that mean?

We all have dreams during a good sleep, even though we prefer good ones, sometimes unfortunately we have those disturbing nightmares that wake you up in the midnight. As students we used to have dreams of failing in exams, getting late for special classes, caught for doing malpractices inside the class. As we grow up it can be of, getting terminated from job  or sinking in sea after a plain crash (well, I had that one many times and I read its because of the pressure we face in our jobs and lives).

But do you know that there is a difference between the dreams seen by men and women? apparently some reports suggest that women are more likely to have frequent dreams than men, especially during their menstrual period and most of them could be horrific nightmares, the reports say this is because of the differences in the hormones during their periods.

But be aware that if you are seeing the dreams of getting dangerous disease, could be a hint of the possibility to get affected by that disease in its advised that you discuss about similar nightmares with your spouse or close relatives, and get a health check up done as precaution.

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