Kudos to Shaiju P.B and K.Gopakumar- KSRTC Conductor and the Driver

Think it over the plight of a lady to alight a bus in the midnight alone on a rainy day en route in between the destination,  that too when the person to receive her does turn up. The fear psycho running through the mind of the lady was rightly removed by the timely decision take by Shaiju and Gopakumar conductor and the driver of the KSRTC bus to stop the bus at the stop till her brother came to pick her up. The brother came after seven minutes, collected his sister and left, the onward journey of the bus to Thiruvananthapuram continued. 

The incident would not have come to light till the lady posted a "Thank you" on the social media, which has gone viral, Shaiju and Gopakumar have been receiving appreciation from each and every one including the officials of KSRTC congratulating them. Believe it or not, this incident also takes place where we hear commonly misbehaviors with ladies while traveling on the bus, hardly anybody comes to the rescue including the conductor.

Kudos to Shaiju and Gopakumar who gave at most importance to the dignity of women and their safety not only while traveling, even after alighting has brought laurels to them and KSRTC. Hats off to them.




Mar 162019
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