Kochi to go Guangzhou- 80000 shared Bicycles.

Share- taxis, share bike, now share- cycle concept is planned for the Kochi city to bring down the traffic hazards like pollution, accidents and improve health, over and above "save money on transportation".

What else but a cycle is the alternative for people to adopt. Kochi city, a city at sea-level, suits for cycling has chosen the way Guangzhou, a city in China has 80,000 shared cycles taking riders around 12 lakh Kilometers every day has to lead the Kochites to go on these lines, D. Dhanuraj, chairman, Centre for Public Policy Research stated, "mostly students who adopt cycling must have enough parking area with Cycle racks, thus enticing the students use cycles".

"Green transport mode"- A project to provide cycles at all metro stations from Maharaja's college to the stadium to Edappally free of cost. 50 cycles at present are available at present are available at the racks set up at Maharaja's College, M.G Road, Lisie Hospital, Kaloor, Stadium, Palarivttom, Changampuzha Park and Edappally Stations.

On sending SMS to a designated- mobile number, a code to open the lock of the cycle will be sent by SMS on the mobile. On reaching the destination, an SMS to designate number will send a code to lock the cycle. 

A person can use a cycle for 100 - hours via month. 

Designate Mobile Number: 9645511155 for both taking the cycles. The Format is Rack Code (space) cycle ID.

Help Line: 9744011777.


Mar 162019
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