The Kochi-Bengaluru corridor is in keeping with Kerala Perspective Plan 2030.

The perspective plan for the -Bengaluru industrial corridor, stretching over 550 km, has been submitted to the National Industrial Corridor Development and Implementation Trust (NICDIT) under the Union Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. The NICDIT is the designated agency for considering proposals from States for establishing new industrial corridors, appraising them, and supporting project development.

Sources in the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation, which prepared the perspective plan, said the plan would have to be approved by the NICDIT prior to preparing a detailed project report. The perspective plan lays out a view of the developments over the next 20 to 40 years and the impact of the proposed corridor on various areas of industrial activity. The focus of the perspective plan includes corridor delineation and identification of industrial manufacturing clusters.

The industrial corridor via Palakkad and Coimbatore is aimed at expanding Kerala’s manufacturing base, taking advantage also of the rail network and the natural gas pipeline, work on which is in progress now. The presence of a marine port and an airport in Kochi, as well as a four-lane national highway, are the other factors of advantage.

Development of the Kochi-Bengaluru industrial corridor is in keeping with the Kerala Perspective Plan 2030, which envisages “a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% in GSDP per capita for the next 20 years” and also achieving 9% growth each in manufacturing and construction.

Once the industrial corridor and accompanying clusters get going, manufacturing can spread to other areas in the State, reverse migration of manpower from the State by creating high-end jobs, and substantially improve the quality of life. Sources said the State’s primary task would be to identify around 1,000 acres for the corridor, which can turn the Kochi-Palakkad stretch into a major manufacturing hub in southern India.


Mar 162019
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