Kerela flights update from MOCA.

In view of the closure of Cochin airport and to ensure that passengers are not inconvenienced, DGCA has asked the scheduled domestic airlines to mount additional flights. Out of 71 arrivals and 74 departures of scheduled domestic airlines to/from Cochin,  23 arrivals and 24 departure have been rescheduled and additional 19 arr/dep has been mounted to/from Trivandrum, Calicut and Coimbatore airports. Nine foreign carriers operating to Cochin have also rescheduled their flights to/from Trivandrum.

Scheduled domestic airlines have also been advised to ensure that airfares for flights to/from Trivandrum and Calicut airports in Kerala and nearby airports i.e. Mangalore and Coimbatore are kept at an optimal level proportionate to sector distance so that travelling public is not inconvenienced. Accordingly, airlines have been requested to cap the maximum fare around INR 10,000 on longer routes and around 8000 on shorter routes to/from Kerala and nearby airports. 

In addition, DGCA is constantly monitoring airfares on 32 direct routes operating to/from Trivandrum, Calicut, Coimbatore and Mangalore. Spike in airfare on a few routes has been observed. Concerned airlines have been advised to cap the airfare on these flights. 

DGCA has also convened a meeting with the higher management of domestic airlines today in this regard. 

Control Room set up by DGCA is working 24x7. Passenger-related issues pertaining to the refund of air ticket, rescheduling of flight, alternate options available to them are being addressed.



Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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