Kerala - We have to re-live and we will make it happen

Kerala Floods 2018

August 15, 2018, two days before all Indians awaiting to celebrate the independence day, Kerala, I call it United States of Travancore or maybe it was called once upon a time, Malayalees like to call it as "Gods Own Country" not sure in what perspective but then again being born in Trivandrum the capital city of Kerala I am also proud to claim that to the outside world. Every Malayalee across the world would have had a shock hearing the devasting news most of Kerala in water except Kollam and Trivandrum. Well, we cannot say as there were certain areas in Trivandrum that I know personally got submerged in water but at least the majority of the city was safe. Every year Kerala goes through this disaster especially in a place called Kuttanad, for the people there this is like a nature cleanup I suppose but if you talk to the individuals there, tears will flow down if you imagine in their position.  I was in Trivandrum on that day, was so scared as afraid of my own plight would we be flooded too as it has occurred to me before. Life has certain turning points, we start from zero ends up in zero again and then some collapse the rest still strives and climbs to a better shape, ones who collapse their next generation struggles but to become the best of all. Even myself with all these calamities is still not recovered from this disaster so you can imagine the people who have put in all their savings into a lovely home and come to realize by August 17, the first floor of their home is covered with mud and water. Nevertheless, I wanted to scroll any words or add my feeling to this incident but recently watched this video and wanted to share with my feelings as well. Wanted to hear from you all and support from you all who gets to reads this passage and watch this video. This video is just one perspective, I am pretty sure there are many that will come out or already there but this caught my eye. 

We will re-live !!! according to the Discovery team to my understanding the following is our estimates of our Kerala Disaster

34732 Kilometers of local roads

174000 houses

218 Bridges 

44000 Hectares of Agriculture land 

Estimation Loss 40,000 Crores of Rupees which equals to  $ 5,625.484,000  - We will revive !!!



Mar 162019
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Nov 122019
The online delegate registration for the 24th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) will commence on Tuesday. The festival is scheduled to be held from December 6 to 13.