Kerala Sahitya Academy Award - to K.P.Ramanunni

Kerala Sahitya Academy Award goes to Novelist K.P.Ramanunni, carrying a Plaque and a citation with Rs.I lakh in cash.  "Daivathinde Pustakam" or "Gods Own Book"  is the novel credited him with the award. 

"Sufi Paranja Katha","Charama Varshikam","Jeevanathinde Pushthakam" - more than twenty novels are written by him.

Prabha Verma won this award in 2016 for his poetry. K.R.Meera for her novel in 2015.Subhash Chandran in 2014 for a novel and M.N.Paloor in 2013 for his autobiography.


Aug 102018
Central Silk Board (CSB)  has developed races of silkworm seed of mulberry and Vanya silk to increase the productivity of cocoons and to increase monetary benefits to farmers engaged in sericulture


Oct 112018
ലോകയുവജന നൈപുണ്യദിനത്തോടനുബന്ധിച്ചു യുനെസ്‌കോ -യൂണിവോക്്‌സംഘടിപ്പിച്ച സ്‌കില്‍സ് ഇന്‍ ആക്ഷന്‍ ഫോട്ടോഗ്രാഫി മത്സരത്തില്‍ ആദ്യ ഇരുപതില്‍ സ്ഥാനം നേടി മലയാളിയായ സൗമ്യയും.