Kerala to resurvey elephant census

6177 in 2012, 3054 in May 2017, elephants' population in Kerala has shrunk to half according to the census conducted by the central government. The survey seems to indicate a fall in numbers but the Kerala government is not ready to accept figures stated in the report.

According to the Central ministry for environment and forests, there is a steep decline of elephants population in Kerala. New initiatives and efforts- a report by the Central government figures out to around 30,000 elephants in the country in 2015. The 2016-may census found 27,312 elephants, less by 2688, compared to 30,000 in 2015. Kerala government is confident that the figures given in the report are not true.

According to many veterinary experts in the state, there is a possibility to misquote in the numbers as 3054 in Kerala in the May-2017's report.Further, there could be flaws in the National Census figure. Therefore the  Kerala government wants a resurvey in head-count of elephants to clear the air of doubts.

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