Kerala Police to go High-tech for effective surveillance,patrol and crowd management

Kerala  Police is known as one of the best in the country to deal with crimes and detection of the criminals. Now, they are going high-tech to using digital cameras capable of stream audio and the video through live streaming to the designated centers, having PTT or Push to Talk to the higher officials or vice versa at times of need, makes the management of surveillance, crowd management or in case of riots, search operations. PTT is group connected where conferencing helps to a great extent in communication and issue of directions by the higher-ups.

Public sector undertaking Broadcasting Consultancy India Limited has been roped in to assist the Kerala Police with their digital cameras and streaming facilities. The camera uses  4G to cover audio and video on GSM and transmits. These recordings also help the police to analyze post events, for further investigations.

Kerala Police Chief Loknath Behera while inaugurating the launching of the pilot project said the entire state would have this technology adopted for better and effective policing.


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