Kerala government to adopt colour code to private buses

35,000 private buses are plying in Kerala, other than 5500 KSRTC buses. The private buses are painted in different colors, which will be brought under the color code, to facilitate the commuter know the service approaching him/her by the color of the bus. City buses will have the green color, rural mofussil) ordinary buses will be in blue color, Limited stop in Maroon color.Along with, three lines are drawn in off-white at the bottom of its body.(

The Kerala government will implement this color code, beginning from February 2018. Motor Vehicle Department has given time up to February 2019 to all the bus owners to change the colors of their buses accordingly.

The timings at present are creating unhealthy competition between trips, creating a fear psycho by over speeding of private buses will come to end, with the new schedule being drawn.

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