will schools get textbooks on time?

Delivery of text books to school children will be carried out  well before the beggining of 2017-18 Acadamic year, Thanks to KBPS- Kerala Books and Publications Society, which has made it possible this year.

KBPS having resource and capabilities with state of art printing units and technicaly known how trained men to undertake such tasks. More and more, has six units of printing machineries. It tooks 10 months to print Travanacore text books. Profit share of Rs.35 crores with just Rs.65 crores is quite remarkable.

Purchase of 3 more units of prinitng machinery, they claim that it will only reduce to time to just 5 months, remaining period would bring in additional revenue from fresh orders, ensuring delivery in time.

Printing of text books are out sourced due to delayed decision makings and shortage of time by the delayed decisions. Rs.10/- is charged by the private printers, KBPS being a, we can print at Rs.5/book, says the Managing Director Mr.Tomin J Thachankary. Goes to add on, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, chattisgarh have shown keen interest in placing orders of printing their text books. This has energised the team on the whole.

Delivery of text books in time shall be agenda of the Education Department in Kerala.

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