Kerala calls migrant workers as 'Guest Workers'.

 The state of Kerala's health and wellness culture is now being debated around the world. Social media has taken to the consideration of its guest workers during the corona period. 

A journalist has posted on her Twitter about the use of 'guest workers' referring to the new words and cultures emerging right now. A nationwide lockdown was announced at midnight Tuesday as part of Corona's defense efforts. With this, there are few in Kerala who have lost their lives. Day-to-day workers from other states. But the government is also providing security for workers from other states, along with preventive measures against corona.

The Chief Minister had promised not only to address but also to ensure the protection of guest workers during the corona. Later, the district administration provided accommodation and food to the family who were starving on the roadside in Manipuzha, Kottayam. Hundreds of stranded food was delivered to Kochi on lockdown.

In addition, the respective Labor District Officers have been instructed to ensure that the guest workers are provided with adequate accommodation, food and health facilities.

The term 'guest worker' in Kerala was first coined by Finance Minister Thomas Isaac, during his 2018 budget speech. He addressed foreign workers as guest workers. He was addressing a gathering of over three and a half million guest workers in the state's workforce.

Later, he plans and executes projects for the benefit of guest workers, including 'Changathi'. The government is also providing guest workers the measures, such as wages, lodging and identity cards.


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