Kayakers head for Nipah-free Kozhikode for World Kayak Championship

The Kayaking community from all around the world is gearing up for the first edition of Malabar World Kayak Championship, which is to be held in Thusharagiri, Kozhikode. The event will be organized by the Tourism Department from July 18 to 22,2018

The current and previous world champions, Olympians and about 25 teams will also take part in the championship and is also held together with the sixth edition of Malabar River Festival. Kozhikode district has just escaped from the Nipah scare and now wants to tell the world that it is safer now. Bengaluru-based Madras Fun Tools will also be hosting events like white water rafting, SUP Yoga sessions, kayak training, local shalom competition and adventure movie nights.

Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran said that the championship will boost Thusharagiri as white water rafting hotspot, placing along with other great hotspots around the world. This event can also attract Keralites to the sport,he included.

The categories included freestyle, shalom and extreme shalom which were all approved by the International Canoe Federation. The final item of the championship will be team race. Beginners will also have a competition in the event. The champions will be awarded RS 15 lakh.


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