Kargil has now become a tourist hotspot

      Eighteen years ago Kargil hogged headlines world over for being a theatre of war.Now this heavenly place in Kashmir has changed for the better.It is now  trying to script new history by becoming a top destination choice for touristsFrom the biggest theatre of war to a cherished tourist destination, the cold desert of Kargil has come a long way.
From holding festivals, to mountain climbing to showcasing culture and food, the Mehbooba Mufti-led government is making all efforts to sell Kargil as a niche tourist destination in the country.
Situated at an altitude of 2,676 metres, Kargil witnessed a brief but high-casualty war between India and Pakistan in the summer of 1999. Around 527 Indians were killed and 1,360 others injured in the war that was fought in one of the most difficult and inhospitable terrains in the world. Indian Army's artillery fired over 2, 50,000 shells, bombs, and rockets to pulverise enemy positions.To generate awareness about Kargil as a tourist destination, road shows are being planned in Mumbai and Ahmadabad," an official said.
The government is also showcasing Kargil's key cash crop — apricot — to attract tourists to the cold desert. For the first time, an apricot festival is being organised to woo tourists to Kargil. Plans for developing a ice-hockey rink and amusement park at Kargil are also being evaluated.

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