A Journey to the world of Books

Burst out laughter
Echoed in my ear
why did he do that?
Did he find it hilarious?
The crumbled brainy giant!
I felt sore and grave
insulted and bruised at heart
Needed to crawl into a hole
To the soothness of green mud.
The First ever encounter before the mass
It was just a grammatically wrong sentence
Uttered in a wrong place
And my journey with English starts there

It was then that I got abondoned
more into a jungle
of English speaking liliputs.
Where I was rooted into-
plucked out from the safe zone.
Trapped in between-
I was more nervous and humbled.
Always kept my head bowed
So that I needn't talk too much
keeping my invisible circle small and confined.

And to escape, I dived
into a more wide world
Of silence that much talked
with letters and words
of minds and dreams.
with Imaginations that rocketed
the colours in me
I was not all black
I could see the greens
and the Blues that spread-
in to the infinity
along with my hue.

I began to think
through the words that ran
all over me reassuring,
But sometimes with ravishing
skills of making cuts and wounds
that went deep inside me
swimming in the pool
Of never ending ecstasy
that books gave me

I found myself in the Glass rooms
filled with pages
that could hide myself in between.
At nights I scrabbled out words
To collect in my torned bag.
some were lost
But most of them,I treasured
in golden boxes inside me
to present to you,
magnificently .


Subha Lenin