Lion , The Lioness & the naughty Hyena

One Hot afternoon the Lion and the Lioness are taking a siesta, A Hyena appears. He walks back and forth and look at the Lioness and start to curse: ho, cunt, bitch !#%. Furious, she stands on all four ready to leap when the male lion says, please don't do it. She puts a paw forward and the Hyena runs away. She lies down and before she can rest  the Hyena is back. Cunt, slut, ho... Once again she stands up and the other lion goes, Listen honey Please don't do it, trust me. So the Lioness looks at the Lion, says,  what kind of husband are you, you have no respect to your lady and I want to teach this creep a lesson,  in the meantime Hyena just keep shooting off his foul mouth and she just snaps and starts to chase the little fucker. After a few minutes of running the Hyena runs inside a small drainage pipe and the lioness follows and gets stuck. The Hyena comes out from the other side, circles around and does his howling and here comes a gang of 6 including him total of 7 shows up behind her takes turns, lifts up her tail and does their business... After a couple of hours she comes back, limping and groggy. The Lion looks at her and says, he took you to the pipe ehhh.well what did I say !!! 

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Lion , The Lioness & the naughty Hyena