"Jio Giga Fiber" to change India mobile telephone structure

Jio fiber to Jio Giga Fiber shall change the Indian mobile telephone spectrum to a new platform to reach every home with ultra high definition entertainment on television,video conferencing,voice-activated virtual assistants who would obey every command of yours,digital shopping,etc.

Added highlight would be “smart home solutions” where it can control devices like home appliances,security cameras,switches of lights in the home and others.

On 15th August 2018,Mukesh Ambani would mesmerise Indian people to a new expectations by rolling out “Jio Giga FIber” across one thousand one hundred cities in India simultaneously.

On introduction of “Jio fiber’ in 5th september 2016,India stood at 134th place in broadband connectivity,India would be one in five when Jio Giga fiber is introduce in coming August 15th.

Jio Giga fiber would come with routers and set-top box for television users.Introduction of Jio Giga fiber would facilitate users to experience a different universe by its applications.


Mar 162019
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