It is official- 397 people declared missing

Kerala government, at last, have made in official 397 fishermen from Kerala coast are missing after the Cyclone Ockhi. Deathrose to 37 by recovering 4 more. 

The search operations still on for these missing, is not being limited to Indian water lent off-Maldives as it apprehended that the cyclone might have taken these fishermen to these shores. Our of this 96 fishermen who into the sea in small boats got drifted due to Ockhi, hence the necessity to enlarge the area of beach operations.

The late part of 96-small boat fishermen is a big concern, definitely, the wooden or fiber boats would not have with the onslaught of winds with high tides. The only solution is then are high hopes of their survival who would be clutched to small wooden pieces. Days to pass the anxiety of the ith and kin and the search party is mounting.

Ockhi cyclone has not only left disaster in Kerala but in Tamilnadu too, who were equally affected. Around 1100 fishermen who left coast like, Poonthurai, Neerodi, Vallivillai, Thuthoor, Marthandam thurai in the state of Tamilnadu, whereabouts are not known. They have been requesting the coast guard and Indian Navy to find these missing.

The Ockhi sorrow left thousands and thousands of southern coast homeless with no breadwinner. Agencies are trying their best to cope up one time will fall.

Congress President-elect Rahul Gandhi may visit the south coast to have the first-hand information. On the 14th of December as stated by the Kerala opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala.

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