India's first Chess Tourism in Kerala...

Chess and tourism are aimed at attracting tourists and celebrities to the state of Kerala. From January 27 to February 1, the tournament will be organized with the help of beaches and other attractions. The project is being run by a group called Orient Chess Moves by Manoj Kumar, Joe Parappally and four chess lovers.

The tournaments will be in cooperation with the Department of Tourism. Forty celebrities, including from abroad, will participate. This includes food, travel, lodging, and tours. There are prizes up to Rs 4 lakh for the winner. 64,000 from foreign participants. Residents will have concessions.

Competition Details

The tournament starts at Puravanchi in Alappuzha on the 27th. Two rounds in the morning. In the afternoon, the puravanchi rotates. In the evening stayed at the five-star hotel in Alappuzha. Cultural programs for players. The match will continue on the morning of the 28th. From Alappuzha to Kumarakom in Puravanchi. Return to Alappuzha in the evening.

From Alappuzha to Marari Beach on the 29th. The tournament will continue at the Marari Beach Resort. To Ernakulam in the evening. No match for the 30th. A visit to the major tourist attractions of Ernakulam. Staying at the resort. Late in the evening, the 31st of the day, the hostel stays at the resort in Ernakulam. At Chalakkudy Heritage Village in the evening. It will provide an opportunity to explore Kerala life. 

The final game of the tournament is February 1 at Heritage Village. And then to Athirappilly. Evening Ending.


Jan 222020
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