India's Cotton Exports are likely to jump nearly 30 percent.

India's cotton exportation is likely to jump nearly 30 percent. There is an increase in the global prices and rupee is weaker, which made to boost the overseas demand and four-year high of 7.5 million bale. Each bale contains 170 kg of cotton. The Indian rupee has fallen more than 6 percent in 2018, this lead Indian cotton cheaper for overseas buyers.

India has exported 6.3 million bales so far in the marketing year. According to data compiled by the state-run textile commissioner's office, India shipped 5.82 million bales of cotton overseas last marketing year.

Indian cotton is being offered around 84 to 86 cents percent on a cost and freight basis (C&F) to buyers in Bangladesh and Vietnam, compared to over 92 cents from the United States and Brazil, said a Mumbai-based dealer with a global trading firm. 




Mar 162019
"Indian clients want good designs at a good price, especially in the luxury market.


Mar 132019
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