India thanks Pakistan for Uzma's return ; Honoured Judiciary For Aid The Victims Back

In a mutual unerstanding, India thanked Pakistan's diplomats and judiciary after an Indian national returned to home.

The family of an Indian woman who claimed she was forced by a Pakistani man to marry him at gunpoint today said it never thought she would be back home.

Uzma, who is in her early 20s and belongs to New Delhi, is believed to have met and fallen in love with Tahir Ali in Malaysia. External Affairs , who tracked the case since Ms.uzma came to the Indian mission in Islamabad in early May and sought help, said the diplomats of the mission acted swiftly in assisting her. Ms.Uzma had alleged by his husband Tahir Ali, from the burner region in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

External Affairs thanks to foreign, home ministers and judiciary for aiding the victims come back to India. It should be honourable to Indian judiciary for sid this victim to back.

Sushama Swaraj, External Affairs Minister, said India would like to thank Pakistan irrespective of the current status of bilateral political relation. 

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