India fourth from the bottom globally in Environment Pollution Controll

EPI-Environmental Performance Index released the rankings at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos on Tuesday, putting India on the 4th spot from the bottom at no.177 of 180, where countries failed in controlling Environmental Pollution. 

India went down to the 177th place from 141st in just two years.

EPI conducts several tests on steps taken to clean the polluted air, conservation of biodiversity and control of greenhouse gas emissions compiles the score, .prepares the list.

It also takes it into account on the issues confronting the country like conflicts among citizens on region, religion and other factors.

Sadly India is bracketed with Bangladesh, Burundi, Congo, and Nepal at the tail-end, the findings of the WEF in collaboration with Yale and Colombia Universities.

Further, air quality is poor in countries like India, China, and Pakistan placed at 177,120 and 169 respectively attributing to the rapid growth of cities harming the environment.

India needs to do an introspective to bring stern control on air pollution which is harming the environment. India has been vocal on global warming, terrorism. 

India can add environment Pollution control as the third most important in the agenda seeking solutions globally.


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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