India to benefit-increase allotment of Green cards in US

Donald Trump's is indirectly helping people of Indian origin living in the US on H1B Visa, by increasing green card allotment by 45 percent, based on merits- a bill soon to be presented  in the United States house of representatives, if signed becomes a law." Securing America's Future Act" will bring an end to diversity visa programme, which brings an end to the present 10 lakhs to 2.6 lakhs a year.

an increase from 1.2 lakh to 1.75 lakh per annum of the issue of the green card will help the 5 lakh green card-seeking Indians in the United States. the H1B programme has space in the United States for a temporary visa which can provide placements to skilled foreign professionals to narrow down the waiting time.

Green card holders-elimination of chain migration is likely to affect those Indian Americans, who opt to bring their parents and other family members. It may be very difficult for others to get green card other than spouse and children. However- renewable temporary visa for parents of citizens to unite families without charging the American taxpayers. Agricultural guest worker programme has opened a new sector to agriculture laborers may get a visa to further US  economy, the legislation gives an opening to this class.

It is guessed that the legislative bill will modernize immigration system in the United States.

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