I might be the one among his 15 wives, south Indian film actress Meghna Raj lashes out against accusations

Meghna Raj finally slams the rumours that she cheated a Bangalore based business man Mr. Janardanan after committing to get married to him, which was doing rounds. “I never cheated anybody, I don’t even know who is this person who came with such a nasty accusation, I don’t understand why people are so concerned about me getting married and all this fuss about and I never keep it as secret when the right time comes.”

It all started up when Bangalore Commissioner received an e-mail from this person stating that Meghna Raj is his wife for which Meghna Raj retorted as she might be the one among his 15 wives and laughed off saying the man is a dimwit.

The complaint was filed as per the Commissioner’s suggestion and it has been proceeded for enquiry, but it has been found that Mr.Janardnan is having psychological issues, which should be proved first.

According to Meghna, there’s no evidence against her in this case and police could easily prove that it's all baseless, but as a woman what is happening around her is very disheartening and harming her image in public and she has requested police to solve the case at the earliest.

The complaint which was given against her has all the proofs against Meghna, said Mr.Janardanan, a business man settled in Bangalore who hails from Tamil Nadu.

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