The high-speed railway line will connect Thiruvananthapuram-Nedumbassery airports.

Thiruvananthapuram-Kasaragod railway line will connect the Thiruvananthapuram-Nedumbassery airports. Most of the major cities and towns in Kerala are covered in the high-speed railway line. IT Parks will also benefit. The airport can be reached from any railway station in Kerala in less than two hours, K-Rail Managing Director V Rajendran said.

The aerial survey of the project was completed. Detailed project report and alignment will be ready by next month. The road, which runs through 11 districts, is 532 km long. Four hours time from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargod.

  •  46,100 daily road users and 11,500 train commuters may cross the Silver Line.
  • 530 crores worth of petrol and diesel can save through the new initiative. 
  • Five hundred freight vehicles will be withdrawn from the road as the freight and transport system, RoRo (RollOn, RollOff), is in service. This will reduce traffic and road accidents.
  • Special tourist services can be undertaken on this route in future. The total area to be acquired for the project is 1226.45 hectares. Half of the land required to construct a four-lane.

The corridor will be constructed as a green corridor by adding two new rail lines. Trains can travel at speeds of over 200 km per hour. It is about 310 km from Tirur to Thiruvananthapuram. Due to the technical features and the heavy lifting of the existing railway line, the new route will pass through. K-Rail has prepared the feasibility report for Sistra and GC in Paris. The total cost of the project is Rs 66,079 crore. A substantial portion of the project cost is financed through international aid agencies.


Sep 52020
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