Here is the reason behind Mohanlal's beard look post Drishyam release!

It was in Drishyam we saw last time our very own lalettan without beard ,the movies released after that , be it Mr.Fraud,Peruchazhi,Koothara,Ennum Eppzhum ,Loham,Kanal even the recently shot Pulimurugan, and Priyadarshan movie which the legendary actor is currently shooting for ,he kept his beard on. (though he shaved during the last schedules of Loham and Kanal). 

But this was just a coincidence , says Mohanlal."I started growing my beard for my role in the movie Mr.Fraud , Somehow the films followed by required me in beard look , so I had no choice to shave it as it would have affected the continuity of those films.The reason it's still very much there because of the look for Pulimurugan and Telugu movie 

When asked ,if we can see him soon without the beard , he smiled (which we love the most) and said "I am presently working for Priayan's movie "Oppam", after completing its first schedule I'll be off to Hyderabad to finish the shoot of movie in Telugu,the moment I get back after its completion ,I will be taking the beard off.But then I'll be flying to China for a one month family trip via Vietnam ,as two days of shoots with leopards there, will be coming after one month again with the beard on to join the set of Oppam.

So basically we'll be seeing this year too, the most admired actor with beard on! 


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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