Heatwave to continue till mid April in Kerala-summer rains may intensify

Kerala-God's own country known for rains and vegetation with greenery so far, the deadly heat waves has not has not spared the state leaving its trial on the human beings, animals and the vegetation.It is only a beginning of the heat waves throughout the world as the global warming has become a reality, it will be frequent in the coming years,  leaving its ugly effects on the living beings.

Summer rains, common to Kerala has missed the cycle this year, thereby touching the highest temperature of 40-degree Celsius in this season. This had its repercussions on the human beings, plants and animals an eagle was saved by the locals from the certain death due to sunstroke.

The wind direction and the speed is changing favorably to bring rains soon. Depression too is likely to take a shape, which could reduce the persisting heat wave past three months in Kerala, says Santhosh S, the director, Meteorological Centre, Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala would soon have summer rains throughout the state, reliving from the treachery of an unusual heat wave this summer.


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