Health Sector in Kerala - road map to Healthy India

The health sector in Kerala could be a roadmap to bring dramatic changes in Indian health sector say Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister of Kerala.

"Ardram" plan of the Kerala government is fully adopted and practiced in the health sector in the state at all the Primary, Taluk, District and General hospitals including Medical hospitals providing basic medical infrastructure and amenities at all medical centers, upgrade the center of excellence (hospitals) which shall be patent-friendly.

As many as 170 health centers have been modernized, named as Family health centers. All the centers from General Hospitals down to Primary centers, special facilities which are generally not available in many counterparts of other states in India is very much available in rural centers here.Punalur Primary Health center has been acknowledged as the best Primary health center in Kerala.

"Jagrathata" a programme is implemented to prevent breaking of epidemics especially just around the rainy season and during monsoons in Kerala.

Health Minister K.K.Shylaja said "Trauma care " will be provided at Taluk Hospitals and above in the state which helps accidents cases as Kerala has a high number of road accidents.


Mar 162019
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