Greta Thunberg: Times Magazine's 'Person of the Year'.

Greta Thunberg

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg has been named the 2019 Times Magazine Person of the Year. Greta, 16, is the youngest person ever to be named the Times Magazine's Person of the Year. A cover of Times magazine's new issue of the film, with the image of Guerrera, came out with the phrase Power of the Youth.

The award was announced by Times Magazine Editor Edward Felsenthal. Greta is currently attending the UN Climate Summit in Madrid. The Greater Struggle began before the Swedish Parliament on Friday every Friday against global warming. The teenage girl's fight against climate change was gaining worldwide attention.

Greta's speech at the UN Climate Summit in September attracted worldwide attention. Greta has been confronted with the sharp words of the world leaders' lack of control over the emissions of greenhouse gases that are causing global warming. In her talk, she asked, "How dare you?" Students from various countries also took up Greta's call and went on strike.

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