Govt. for State varsity status for NISH...

The government is exploring a proposal to elevate the National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH) as a State University, now that the Centre has backed out of an earlier proposal to establish it as a national university, Health and Social Justice Minister K.K. Shylaja said in the Assembly on Tuesday.

Replying to the discussion on demands for grants in the budget for 2019-20 for Health and Social Justice, Ms Shylaja said the Centre, which had earlier evinced interest in elevating NISH, seems to have backed out now just as it has done in the case of allotting an AIIMS-like institution for Kerala.

A special cell for sickle cell anaemia patients will be set up at the new block being constructed for the Wayanad district hospital. Two major cancer centres, the Regional Cancer Centre and Malabar Cancer Centre, under Sukrutham, had informed the government that the treatment packages under KASP are inadequate for them. The resolution pressing demands for grants was passed by the Assembly. 


Mar 162019
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Sep 172019
തൃശൂർ വീഥികളിൽ   കാടുകൾ വിട്ടിറങ്ങിയ പുലികൾ രൗദ്രതാളമാടീ ... നഗരം പ്രൗഢോജ്വലമായ മഹാസമുദ്രത്തിൽ നീരാടീ .... പല വർണ്ണ പുലികൾ വയസ്സൻ പുലി കുട്ടി പുലി കരിം പുലി