Government to recast disaster management authority after Ockhi's onslaught

The public outcry of the fisherman who faced the brunt for the failure of the system to coordinate, inform and prepare for the event with all resources,Chief minister in person saw the anger among the fisherman who continue to have unanswered questions about consequences of Ockhi's disaster, equally agitated about the failure of government machinery. they are unable to know the whereabouts of missing fishermen, even after fleets of ships and helicopters working round the clock, on one side, the fate of dependents waiting for the ending without any sign, families deprived of after the death of the breadwinner, to know to live after all these promises.

The government has realized the need for experts with disaster management to counter the after-effects of cyclones. chief Minister being the chairman, Revenue Minister vice chairman, One scientist, others are representatives of the government. The chief minister has ordered changes, soon to be executed.

1. Include more experts who are in disaster management and relief activities.

2. Public participation, especially fishermen will be part of the search, in supply of needy materials, vigilance groups along the coastal belt will be made active, suit disaster management.

3. All fisherman get weather alerts.

4. government has opted to buy all the necessary equipment for the disaster, appoint more officials staff at the authorities disposal.

5. Regular posting of officials who are willing to work in this field. No more deputation from other departments to manage relief works.



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