Government employees no longer need WhatsApp; The gyms are coming instead

WhatsApp is being replaced by GIMS for official reporting and communication between officials. To ensure privacy and security in communication through social media, the Government is developing a system of instant messaging system (GIMS). 

Central and state government employees will be connected to the GIMS. IT ministry sources said the facility would be integrated with various government services in the future. Overseeing the development of GIMS for the National Informatics Center (NIC).

NIC's e-mail ID The gym's preliminary stage, set up to log in the way, has begun. These are the three thousand communication lines in the NIC. Various ministries and BSFs have been deployed to implement the gyms. The Central Government is holding discussions.

The GIMS also has all the features of WhatsApp. There will be an in-person conversation, audio-video calling, and the ability to exchange pictures and files. Apart from official groups, there is no barrier for government employees to form friendly groups. Confidential and admin only groups can be made in the GIMS.

In addition to the convenience of Face Unlock (a mobile lock-in-the-face feature), the gym also features a self-despairing message phone that disappears once a person sends a message. According to official sources, the new system is to ensure a secure communication network between the government and the employees.

Government services of various states, including Kerala, can be combined with this if needed. Saral-Haryana, which provides 479 services in Haryana and Sevasindhu, which provides 479 services in Karnataka, will be contacted by the respective governments. Will also approach the Government of Kerala. There is no official barrier to the integration of services as there is currently an understanding of technical assistance between various state governments and the NIC.


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