The Golden Globe amended the rules...

Hollywood Foreign Press Association was amended the rules of Golden Globe Awards in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, this time in regard to the foreign language film category. 

The law was amended to allow cinemas to be screened in respective countries in order to secure a Golden Globe. With Covid 19 spreading across the globe, opening cinema theaters is not practical for a while. That is why the Hollywood Foreign Press Association said the law was amended.

The Oscar awards also changed their rules due to the lockdown. In order to be eligible for the Oscars, a law was changed that would require the film to be screened at any theater in Los Angeles for a week. But now Films not shown in the theater will also be considered for the Oscars.

Covid 19 has had a devastating impact on the worldwide film market. The international film market is expected to lose at least Rs 37,000 crore this year. The condition of Indian cinema is also the same. Trade analysts estimate Bollywood's loss of film worth Rs 500 crore in first 21 days of lockdown.

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Jun 42020
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