Golden Bear to"Touch Me Not"

Romanian Director Adina Pintilie's film"Touch Me Not" wins the top prize "Golder Bear" for the best film in the 68th Berlin International Film Festival. Pintilie, having no inkling of, was pleasantly surprised to the glad news fetching her golden bear for her film.The film deals with intimacy, characters and some truth and false falling in between fiction and reality, the film reflects the ills in the society which highlights the warmth in one's arms as a sign of affection, understand  and share the inner feelings of another, it gives mirror image to the audience of the society..

"That is why I think for many people this film might not be comfortable but at the same time we challenge you, the viewer to dialogue and to look at yourself," said Adina Pintilie the director of the film"Touch Me Not" after receiving the Golden Bear Trophy.


Mar 162019
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