Global Warming to reduce Vegetable yield to a new low.

'Global Warming' hither too a common word not given much importance to, has shown its glimpses like flash floods on one side, extreme summer in one part and extreme cold in the other part of the globe.

Researchers have predicted hotter air which will reduce water content as temperature may soar by 4 Degree Celsius at the beginning of 2100. If the Global warming continues at the current rate, it will reduce agriculture yields by 31.5%.

The real threat will be when the temperature increases water source decreases, agriculture sector will face an insurmountable situation unless new growing practices and resilient crop varieties are adopted. Not only agriculture sector but it will be a threat to food security and an adverse effect on our health.

Several studies have been conducted and based on the findings on the impact of global warming, the inevitable changes would bring disastrous unless the present attitude of the government, public take serious steps to find solutions, the 'D-Day' is imminent. 


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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