Freya, the youngest person to have climbed Piz Badile unaided.

The covid made a state of not being able to go down and even get out of courtesy. But there is news that gives hope and wonder to the travellers. A seven-year-old girl and her three-year-old brother have conquered Mount Piz Badile on the border of Switzerland and Italy.

This amazing mountaineering took place last July. The children are seven - year - old Freya and her brother Jackson. The couple travelled with father Leo Holding and mother Jessica. The four of them crossed the 11,000 feet altitude together. Lee wrote on Instagram that Freya climbed the mountain alone without their help.

Baby Jackson was in his mother's backpack. With this, Jackson became the youngest person to conquer such heights. Freya also became the youngest person to reach such a height without assistance. Leo said the last 1000 meters of the trip gave him the best experience of its kind in the world. He added that the climb never seemed difficult.

Leo described Freya as a star in a post he shared on Instagram. It took the family four days to complete the trek. This rare adventure took place on Leo's 40th birthday, who is a professional climber.

Piz Badile (3,308 m) is a mountain of the Bregaglia range in the Swiss canton of Graubunden and the Italian region of Lombardy, the border between the two countries running along the summit ridge. Its north-east face, overlooking the Swiss Val Bregaglia near Soglio, is considered one of the six great north faces of the Alps.


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