Four pregnancy tests which can be done at home

People do lots of planning before conceiving; and there are several things that are associated with it.If you have a doubt that you could be pregnant here are some tests that you can do at home.

Toothpaste Test:
Take some amount of toothpaste in a bowl and add the collected urine to it. If the toothpaste turns blue or becomes frothy, your result is positive. It is one of the simplest ways to detect pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test With Sugar:
This is one of the most accurate pregnancy tests to take up at home.
Collect your first urine in the morning. Now, take a bowl and pour one tablespoon of urine into it. Add one tablespoon of sugar. If the sugar clumps up, the result is positive. If it dissolves, you're not pregnant.

Bleaching Powder Test:
While looking for pregnancy tests to take up at home, try the bleaching powder test. Mix urine and bleaching powder in a bowl. If you see the solution becoming foamy, you can share the good news with your family members.

With Baking Soda:
This is one of the kitchen ingredients that helps you to detect your pregnancy. Add urine to baking soda taken in a bowl. If you see the solution forming frizzles, then your result is positive.

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