Former Kerala Ranji captain Dr Madan Mohan dies

Dr.r.Madan Mohan K, a Medical doctor by profession, former captain of Kerala Ranji Trophy cricket team, better known for his service to the cancer patients died, leaving his footprints in the service to the poor. Not only letting his living house converted it into the ward, he constructed two floors on the house with all facilities for the cancer patients, who come for treatment at Medical College Hospital, Kottayam

Madan Charitable Trust was formed by the doctor, donated rupees one crore to the trust with plans to expand the available facilities to as many as possible. Unfortunately, he died before it was registered. Senior doctors formed a group, after retirement to provide medical facilities to patients who visit the medical college for radiation and other treatment. Other senior doctors would give support to the Madan charitable trust, shall continue the services to the cancer patients Dr.Madan Mohan started.


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