Foods that a 114 year old Brazilian regularly eats.

To live hundred plus years is indeed a remarkable accomplishment particularly in our times.But this is what the Brazilian native Bernardo la Palla enjoys.He has good health and memory,though he was born way back in August 17, 1901.So far he has been in good physical condition and is among wits. From an early age Bernardo decided he wanted to live long and happily. Here are five foods that prolonged his life. Honey.Bernardo says that if you give up from sugar and sweetened food with honey, will live much longer.

Many people try to give up chocolate. But Bernardo allegedly says you are making a big mistake if you stop completely. A small amounts of chocolate improves mood and normalizes the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Chocolate needs to contain a large percentage of cocoa.

Cinnamon is not only spice that enhances the taste of food, but is able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and prevent diabetes.

Olive oil.
Olive oil was considered in ancient Rome for the elixir of youth and happiness. Quality olive oil is very beneficial to the body. Its rejuvenating properties due to vitamin E and antioxidants.

Garlic not only adds spice to eating, but also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It contains many vitamins that strengthen immunity.


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