Fears of long drawn trade war bet ween China and US

The trade war between US and China seems to be heading into a prolonged trade giving no hints of any quick relief in the trade war. Both countries have inflicted higher tariffs on 34 billion worth of goods from each country.

"Friday"- dawn the implementation of new tariffs by the US on Chinese goods, China reciprocating with new tariffs on US goods triggering a lengthy trade war.

Further, US president Trump is eyeing on the fresh round of tariffs on 500 billion worth of Chinese goods, which could lead to further escalation of the trade war.

Time has come to bring the  US-China across the table to discuss and iron out their difference, end the trade war in the interest of people world over

Opinion some coming in favor and some against Trump on his fresh tariff hike, which has not influenced the President of the United States of America.


Mar 162019
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