Farewell to the Ice Bucket Challenge hero Peter Frates...

Peter Frates, the inspiration for the Ice Bucket Challenge that has gone viral around the world, has died. Peter, 34, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Peter was the subject of worldwide public awareness of the deadly disease of ALS, or motor neuron disease. 

Peter was diagnosed with ALS in 2012. ALS has not yet been treated. ALS is a disease that affects the brain and the nervous system and leads to body paralysis. ALS is mainly used to weaken muscles. Peter never complained about his condition. Instead, he used the rest of his life to give hope to the same sufferers and families.

Peter was a star athlete at the school during his high school years and was captain of the baseball team while attending Boston College. Peter started his fight against ALS in 2014. Peter's work was to inspire hope in those affected by the disease and to accelerate research into the prevention of ALS.

To support this, the ALS Association formed the Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge was to pour a bucket full of ice water over the head. The person who takes up the challenge must challenge the other three. The challenge was to either take on the challenge or donate $ 100 to the Motor Neuron Disease Fund and do both.

More than $ 200 million (over $ 1475 crore) has been received through the Ice Bucket Challenge so far for ALS prevention operations. World leaders participated in the movement which helped to make this challenge popular among the masses. Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates and George Bush were also present.

After Mark Zuckerberg poured water on this ice-packed bucket, he invited Bill Gates to join the challenge and the video footage was viral. Millions of people participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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