Facebook row - Mark Zuckerberg owe a reply,find solution


The Facebook scandal has deep routed conspiracy either to defame it or to use the information available to them, at present the case is the usage of details of more 50 million users data, by whom is obvious. Donald Trump's elections results had its usage influencing the citizens of the country.This annoyed the countrymen, are out with a hate movement -Delete Facebook movement. Facebook has become so much part of a day to day's life, exchange opinions on every aspect related to the individual, pose questions to the society at large on issues binding the facebook user.But it has become vulnerable with its opinion guided by the latent group to influence the target.

The data breach by the unscrupulous has often perceived as a problem, than finding a solution.Deleting personal information would definitely make way to the safer and free from manipulation, simultaneously the same person is a disconnect with a looming social boycott. Hence every user is in a dilemma. Facebook owe's a reply to its users why and how did it allow the user personal data go into the hands of the unscrupulous for gross misuse.Was this problem not envisaged or caught offhanded.It is a major goof leading to a big scandal making the information solely sought for identity purposes has been used to mint money by the unscrupulous.

Like it or not, Facebook has become an integral part of many of our lives. It is a massive platform where one keeps in touch with friends, finds past friends, makes new ones. Reminds us of birthdays and anniversaries and even serves up videos mix of our friendships on the network.Yet, it has its other side too – spreading false news, stalking and a whole lot more, for all its faults, Facebook does deliver a significant amount of value, rather it has no alternative.

 Facebook has serious problems, but it nevertheless remains a formidable social network with a subscriber base that can be the population of a much smaller country.

Mark Zuckerberg has only one option to plug the loopholes, see not to give another opportunity for unscrupulous to steal information for ulterior motives, rather than forcing him to close down which is not a solution. Facebook users only want security to their personal data, hope that the CEO would find a viable solution.






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