Eye health and beauty

Bright smiling eyes indicate health. Ayurvedic remedies to protect eye health and beauty.The eyes are the most beautiful of the five senses. The mind of a person can be read in his eyes. Bright smiling eyes indicate health.It is impossible to think of a situation without eyes. The human eye can capture the whole beauty of this world.
Special care and attention should be paid to the care of the eyes that guard our vision by combating the adverse factors of modern lifestyle such as stress, anxiety, stress, diet, alcohol, smoking and travel through dusty and smoky roads.

Backyard pharmacy 1.

Put three or four Nanthya flowers in fresh water and keep them overnight. The next day, after removing the flower, rinse the eyes with this water. It can prevent eye diseases and maintain the radiance and health of the eye.

2. Cut any of the cucumbers and potatoes and lay them on the eyes for 15 minutes. The eyes get warm.
3. Roast carrots and potatoes evenly and apply around the eyes in the form of a paste. The beauty of the eyebrows will increase.

4. Rub the young buds of the panel into the bath water. Good for eye diseases.

5. Add carrot juice and honey and apply regularly under the eyes and rinse off after 10 minutes.
6. Crush the green coriander and boil it in cold water, filter it and pour it in the eyes.
7. Apply potato juice on the bag-like area below the eyes. It is useful in relieving inflammation and relieving eye fatigue.
8. Rinse your eyes daily with lukewarm water.
9. Sprinkle every drop of orange juice on the eyes.
10. Dip a cotton ball in cold milk and apply it on the eyes. The eyes get warm.
11. Rinse eyes with clean cold water four or five times a day.

12. Every drop of pure rose water or mint juice in the morning every day is good for eyesight.
13. Add honey to the juice of the coriander leaves and rub it on the eyes. Visual acuity will increase.
14. Drink two teaspoons of coriander juice or fenugreek regularly.
15. Take triphala powder with honey and ghee at bedtime.

16. Applying a young lotion removes impurities from the eyes and cleanses the eyes.
17. Some nerves in the feet are connected to the eyes. So before taking a bath, apply oil on the soles of the feet and massage gently. It is good for the health of the eyes. Wash your feet and keep them clean. Be careful not to hit the feet.

18. Write your eyes daily. Effectively cleanses the eye by gradually removing impurities that may have accumulated in the eye and cause eye disease.
19. Applying one drop of essential oil daily on the nose will improve the health of the eyes.